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Wing Designation Name of the Employee Phone Number E-mail
Employees Health Scheme Chief Executive Officer Dr. K. Padma 040-23547107 ceoejhs@aarogyasri.gov.in
Administration & HR Executive officer & JEO(Admin)(I/C) K.Usha Rani 8333817307 usharani.k@aarogyasri.gov.in
Dy.E.O(Admin) A.Vijaya Laxmi 8333817371 tg_d079@aarogyasri.gov.in
Dy.E.O(HR) D. Lakshmi 8333817401 lakshmi.d@aarogyasri.gov.in
EHS Wing Dy.E.O (EHS) Geetha Shinde 8333817340 geethashinde@aarogyasri.gov.in
Dy.E.O (EHS) A.Vijaya Laxmi 8333817371 tg_d079@aarogyasri.gov.in
Executive Madhuri 8333817408 ehfts@aarogyasri.gov.in
Executive Srikanth 8333817470 ehfts@aarogyasri.gov.in
Executive Savitha 8333817481 ehfts@aarogyasri.gov.in
Budget & Finance JEO(Budget & Accounts )(I/C) Ch.Somashekar 8333815909 somashekar@aarogyasri.gov.in
Project Monitoring Unit - Software General Manager-PMU Ch.Somashekar 8333815909 somashekar@aarogyasri.gov.in
PMU-Executive B.Srinivas 8333817455 srinivas.b@aarogyasri.gov.in
PMU-Executive D.Rohit 8333817256 rohit.d@aarogyasri.gov.in
PMU-Executive K.Rajeswari 8333817310 rajeswari.k@aarogyasri.gov.in
PMU - Hardware & Networking PMU-Executive G.Rambabu 8333815910 rambabu@aarogyasri.gov.in
Operations wing (Preauthorisations, Claims and Followups ) Executive Officer (Operations) Dr.M.Govardhan Reddy 8333817302 dr.m.govardhanreddy@aarogyasri.gov.in
JEO(TECH) Dr.Venu Gopal 8333817359 TG_C229@aarogyasri.gov.in
JEO(TECH) DR M SURESH KUMAR REDDY 8333817354 TG_C238@aarogyasri.gov.in
JEO(TECH) Dr.K.Dayanand Rao 8333815916 tg_c220@aarogyasri.gov.in
JEO(TECH) Dr.D Jayasree Ammajji 8333817320 jayasreeammajii.dr@aarogyasri.gov.in
DY.EO (TECH) Dr. Jyothi B Vachhani 8333817345 dr.jyothi.b.vachhani@aarogyasri.gov.in
DY.EO (TECH) Dr. AmrithaJoseph 8333817348 dr.amrithajoseph@aarogyasri.gov.in
DY.EO (TECH) Dr. M. Anusha 8333817346 tg_c231@aarogyasri.gov.in
DY.EO (TECH) Dr. Ananya 8333817349 tg_c232@aarogyasri.gov.in
DY.EO (TECH) Dr. D. Sheela 8333817385 tg_c233@aarogyasri.gov.in
DY.EO (TECH) Dr. K. Anusha 8333817379 Dr.K.Anusha@aarogyasri.gov.in
DY.EO (DENTAL-TECH) Dr.RAJITHA KATLA 8333817327 tg_c200@aarogyasri.gov.in
DY.EO (DENTAL-TECH) Dr.V.Keerthi Reddy 8333817370 keerthireddy.dr@aarogyasri.gov.in
DY.EO (DENTAL-TECH) Dr. Chintakindi Kirthi 8333816680 dr.c.kirthi@aarogyasri.gov.in
Team Leader Chatla Raju 8333817480/td> tg_m337@aarogyasri.gov.in
CMCO DY.EO (TECH) Dr.Jadav Kaushik Rao 8333817368 Dr.JadavkaushikRao@aarogyasri.gov.in
Grievance and Customer Care & Field Operations Wing (Back office operations, District Operations & Hospital Coordination) General Manager(I/C) Dr.U.Rama Krishna 8333817383 gm.foss@aarogyasri.gov.in
DyEo& Grievnace   FOSS M. Varsha 8333817402 dyeo_foss@aarogyasri.gov.in
Team Leader-FOSS& Grievnace Sumalatha Ganji Jyothi 8333817465 sumalatha.g@aarogyasri.gov.in
Planning & Coordination wing Executive Officer (P&C) Dr.M.Madhavi 9985585675 TG_C240@aarogyasri.gov.in
Dy.E.O(TECH) Dr.Asritha Arrem Reddy 8333817311 Dr.Asrithareddy@aarogyasri.gov.in
Dy.E.O(NT) Z.Ameena Banu 8333817339 ameenabanu.z@aarogyasri.gov.in
Medical Audit wing Chief Medical Auditor Dr.B.Ganesh Babu 8333815911 TG_C239@aarogyasri.gov.in
Dy.E.O (TECH) Dr.P.Sushma 8333817332 tg_c230@aarogyasri.gov.in
Empanelment and Contract Compliance Cell JEO(TECH) Dr. C. Ranga Reddy 8333817312 tg_c198@aarogyasri.gov.in
Dy.E.O(NT) S.Venkat Reddy 8333817460 venkatreddy.s@aarogyasri.gov.in
104 Sevakendram General Manager(104-SK)(I/C) Ch.Somashekar 8333815909 somashekar@aarogyasri.gov.in
Others Legal Officer Yogeshwar Raj Saxena 8333817323 saxena@aarogyasri.gov.in
Vigilance Officer K.Man Mohan Rao 8333815979 vigilanceofficer@aarogyasri.gov.in