Network Hospitals

Network Hospitals covers Health Care Providers, Distribution of NWHs and NWH Requirements ...more

Empanelment, Disciplinary Action and Medical Audit

Empanelment and disciplinary committee, Disciplinary Action and Medical Audit ...more

NWH Obligations


NWH shall place Aarogyasri Kiosk at the reception or at the patient entry point to the NWH as decided by the Trust for the purpose of reception and registration. It shall provide 2 MBPS Net connection and dedicated computer with peripherals. NWH shall identify, direct and register all the patients holding eligibility card ...more


The Trust shall receive all the pre-authorisation requests from NWHs, scrutinize them as per guidelines issued by the Trust with the help of medical professionals and accord final approval within 12 hours of submission of request by NWH ...more


Claim Processing

All the claims processing shall be carried out electronically through the Trust portal. Payments to all the NWHs shall be made through electronic clearance facility of the Trust ...more

Web portal and online workflow

Web Portal

The Trust website with e-preauthorization, claim settlement and real-time follow-up is maintained and updated on a 24-hour real-time basis. The source code and system design document for the application was developed and owned by the Trust. The IT application is being developed and maintained as per dynamic ...more